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Anne Bisson - Trio Four Seasons In Jazz Live At Bernie's

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Serendipity plants the seed, careful planning and hard work bring an amazing collaboration to life. Four Seasons in Jazz: Live at Bernie's is the landmark live recording featuring jazz pianist and vocalist Anne Bisson and the finest musicians and engineers in Hollywood. A selection of popular jazz standards and original compositions by the evocative Canadian songstress was recorded direct-to-disc and direct-to-tape over two days by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood, CA. For the 45rpm 180 gram 2LP Set, legendary engineer Michael C. Ross used a 100% analogue recording chain straight to Grundman's all-analogue record cutting system to realistically capture every amazing moment. In order to preserve this project's concept of recording live in the studio, all songs from the direct-to-disc LP version of the album have been reproduced on this UHQCD directly from the master tapes that were recorded simultaneously without any editing whatsoever!

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