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Boris Blank - Electrified

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Boris Blank along with Dieter Meier as Yello is one of the most influential electronic bands of the last 40 years, with pioneering tracks like ‘The Race’, ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Bostich’ impacting hip leftfield dancefloor anthems and worldwide hits alike. Now Blank returns with ‘Electrified’…a collection of soundtrack work from the celebrated composer containing 3 hours of unreleased music spanning 5 decades.

One of the founders of the Swiss synth-pop band Yello, Boris Blank empties his solo vaults on Electrified, an archival set that came into being with some help from online crowd-funding. The 40 tracks here are mostly instrumental, some of them simple sketches, while others sound complete.

Liner Note Authors: Dieter Meier; Ian Tregoning
Photographers: Darius Ramazani; Boris Blank
Arranger: Boris Blank

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