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DePhazz - Garage Pompeuse

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With Garage Pompeuse, DePhazz brings their blend of Soul, Latin and Electronica music to the world of Jazz. Mastermind Pit Baumgartner and singer Pat Appleton are once again doing pioneering work. Under the motto “Dare More Jazz”, Appleton performs the highlights of her extensive repertoire, such as “The Mambo Craze“, “Jeunesse Dorée” or “No Jive“, in the renowned Berlin Jazz club A-Trane.

Driven by the question of how the songs would sound with jazz instrumentation, pianist Ulf Kleinert was commissioned with the new arrangements. He turned out to be a true master of reduction, who knew how to lay bare the soul of the songs. The intimate atmosphere of the club, which can only hold just under a hundred visitors, contributes the rest to the feeling of experiencing DePhazz in its purest form – a meeting of sound engineers and groove craftsmen.

Birgit Hammer-Sommer and her husband Dirk Sommer recorded this album Live...

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