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Giulini Conducts Rossini, Philharmonia Orchestra - Overtures

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Classical Music Recording On Audio Tape You Must Own: One day, Giulini said to me: “On the same night that I gave a concert in the United States, Toscanini phoned me at my hotel to tell me he had enjoyed the performance very much”. Sitting in his studio behind the Scala Opera, I can still see his deep-seated blue eyes become rather animated as he was telling me the story. His readings of Rossini's Overtures are different to those of Toscanini: they are more flexibly interpreted but by no means less intense. The William Tell Overture is proof of this: the blazing trombones in the finale will lift you out of your seat.

In fact, the recording is in a league of its own. It is one of the few recordings which manages - as is the case with all the great Living Stereos and Deccas - to balance almost perfectly the direct and indirect sounds produced by an orchestra regardless of the dynamic levels at which it is playing. When I heard the master I almost fell off my seat!

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