Pioneer RT-1011L


Pioneer RT-1011: 3 Motor 3 Head Stereo Tape Deck (1974-1980)

Pioneer's engineering policy assures reliable operation and quality performance from the new RT-1011L 4-track stereo tape deck.

A thick 5mm front suspension panel and solid, die-cast framework provide extra strength margin for the 10-1/2 inch reel load and stable tape transport system.

Wow and flutter is reduced by the precision 4/8-pole hysteresis synchronous capstan drive motor, coupled with a "tuned" 100mm flywheel and high-precision 0.2u error capstan. A high-torque 6-pole induction motor ensures optimum tape tension.

The 2-channel 4-track recording and playback heads are hyperbolic for superb tonal quality, ideal head-to-tape contact, and exhibit excellent electromagnetic characteristics. All three heads are arranged in a short tape path to enhance stability.

Made in Japan.

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