Pioneer RT-2044


Pioneer RT-2044 Tape Recorder

Introduced in late 1976, the RT-2044 utilized an RTU 11 transport unit and two TAU 11 pre-amplifiers. Quadraphonic, 3 four track heads, designed for 10½ ” reels and could record and play back at both 7½ ips and 15 ips. The RT-2044 featured a JT 2044T four track/four channel interchangeable head block.

Relatively early logic in the transport allowed you to move between the functions without engaging stop, however compared to the newer decks, there is a pause of about 1.5 seconds between switching which may trouble some people.

The pioneer RT-2044 (4 Track) and RT-2022 (2 Track) are semiprofessional tape recorders and the most expensive open reel decks Pioneer ever made. They definitely sound better than an RT-909 or 707 but have slightly lower signal-to-noise ratio. Both models were considerably larger than the other open reel decks in the Pioneer line.

The RT-2044 measured 18¼ ” w x 271/2 ” h x 10¾ ” d and weighed over 74 pounds

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