Sony TC-880-2


The SONY TC 880-2 was a semi-professional three-head tape deck with a 10½ ” reel capacity and tape speeds of 15 ips and 7½ ips. Half-track stereo record, half & quarter-track stereo playback. The logic-controlled tape transport for the main capstan was the direct drive from an AC servo-controlled motor with an outer-rotor inertia flywheel for the secondary capstan. two induction reel motors were used for take-up and fast-forward. This recorder had a very rugged and professional look, with large, chunky knobs and switches. It also had an LED display for record/playback levels with a peak reading hold setting which was fairly innovative at the time. Made in Japan.

The Sony TC-880/2 for sale is available to view, test and check on appointment only, at the Wembley area in London.

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