Teac F1 Tape Recorder is extremely rare and was only sold in Japan. Original retail price 800’000 Yen (Japan,1976)

It would seem that their choice of F1 as a model was due to the fact that Teac had been actively sponsoring motor car racing for many years in many countries and 1976 was a big year for Japan with three countrymen driving in the F1 Japanese Grand Prix on the 24th of October.
Masahiro Hasemi posted the best result with 11th place, seven laps behind the winner. Kazuyoshi Hoshino nicknamed “the fastest man in Japan” and Noritake Takahara scored no championship points. Perhaps these daredevils are enjoying the sound of this rare tape recorder in their twilight years.

All vintage HiFi audio components we sell have been fully serviced, recapped, and aligned, before your purchase each HiFi gear will be checked with a full video provided before shipment, and all owner and service manuals in pdf format provided.
Made in Japan - 1976

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