Technics RS-777


For Sale: Technics RS-777 Autoreverse Tape Recorder - 1978 to 1986

Perhaps trying to make up for lost time and to show that Technics was, in fact, a real contender in reel-to-reel tape recorders, they released 7 models in 1978, first the RS-1500 and shortly thereafter the RS-1506, RS-1520, RS-1700, RS-1800, RS-10A02 “R&B Series” and a smaller Japanese market specific recorder, the Technics RS-777.

The RS-777 is an auto-reverse quarter track deck using the RP-2R2P headblock. It has the Isolated Loop tape path developed by Technics with really low wow and flutter (.018%) that also keeps down-modulation noise. A very smooth and stable tape path using a large 34mm capstan and 2 pinch rollers combined with an electronic tension control system completes this transport. Tape tension on the Isolated Loop tape path is low compared to many other machines, so for those using older tapes with rippled edges, this may not be ideal.
Made in Osaka, Japan.

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