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Test HIFI System CD in Paper Sleeve By STS Digital Recording. This is a 'low cost' sampler CD from STS Digital, packaged in a card sleeve. All the tracks start with the Master Tape and with the help of their unique STS Digital MW Coding, are re-engineered to provide a taste of the superb 'STS sound' on CD - at a low price. This CD shows just how good the medium can be, how the CD can offer a sense of scale and musical reality, not often found on CD.

The CD is produced with all the care shown on the STS Digital full-priced CDs and comes in a simple card sleeve.


1 Organ – Low Bass
2 Percussion – Mid Range
3 Drums – Low Bass
4 Percussion – High Treble
5 Dynamic Sound Piano
6 Percussion – Low Mid-Range
7 Wind Instruments
8 Dynamic Sound

MW Coding Process Audiophile Reference CD - MW Coding Process By STS Digital - Fritz de With

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