Yello - Toy

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Yello’s thirteenth album – and first in nine years – is a super-smart, electronic smorgasbord of moods and styles from the liquid synths of its lead-off single ‘Limbo’ to continental torch songs like ‘Dark Side’ and the shimmering Balearic sunset moods of ‘Blue Biscuit’. ‘Toy’ is nothing less than the unmistakable sound of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank gleefully working at the top of their game after nearly four decades of making music together. Yello: still sounding like the future after all these years.

Another stunning recording from Yello: Clear detailed, warm and entrancing, so deep you could drown yet feels personal and up close. Yello seems to have the same ability as Ultimate Studios to deliver rich, deep, detailed yet warm recordings. CDs are often unfairly criticised for being poor quality. This is not the case, it is the original recording or the process which is to blame. Modern “remasters” can both enhance and degrade a recording.

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