Essential AudioNautes Tape Albums For Your Collection 

AudioNautes Recordings started with the purpose of offering the very best version of some favourite (sometimes almost unknown or forgotten) recordings. At AudioNautes, each copy is transferred in real-time, using studio-level reel-to-reel tape recorders on freshly-made RTM audiotape. Production of audiotapes is a time-consuming process so each album is released in limited batches.

No Compromise Music Reissues by Audionautes Recordings - Analog Sound, Audiophile Music, Quality Service, Expert Packaging, Fast Shipping.

AudioNautes Reel Audio Tape Discography:

  1. Oscar's Motet Choir - Cantate Domino
  2. Arne Domnérus - Jazz At The Pawnshop Vol. 1
  3. Arne Domnerus - Antiphone Blues
  4. Gregorio Paniagua - La Spagna XV, XVI, And XVII Centuries
  5. Bengt Berg: Now The Green Blade Riseth Vol. 1
  6. Arne Domnérus - Jazz At The Pawnshop Vol. 2
  7. Harry Belafonte - Belafonte at the Carnegie Hall
  8. Polyphonia Antiqua ‎- Ultreia!
  9. Joculatores Upsalienses
  10. Gunilla von Bahr - Solflöjt

The Tape Albums Futures:

  • 1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape
  • Pure Analogue Recording
  • Analogue Tape Copies from original analogue masters
  • Each tape copied with CCIR equalization with reference level 320 nWb/m on halftrack 1/4" Recording The Master's Tape
  • Metal reels made by Hemiolia with two custom colours and laser engraving
  • High-class cardboard box features a production cover picture labelled to the box
  • EQ: 320 nWb
  • Half-track format
  • Tape Speed: 15 ips, 1/4 -inch 2-track analogue tape
  • Duplication Recorders: Playback machine: Otari MTR15 and Recording machine: Otari MTR15
  • Reel Spools Are Made in Italy, RTM900 Is Made in France. 
  • Tape Production and Duplication In Italy. 

Be ready to be blown away when you experience playback of true high fidelity recording on audiotape, list of Must-Hear Audiophile Recordings – new album on reel to reel audiotape.


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