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Aleksey Revenko - The Colors Of The Universe

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Twelve beautiful modern music on audiophile-quality CD and something different played and composed by Aleksey.

For five years, Alexei Revenko was looking for new aesthetics for his next studio album. This work is the result of many philosophical findings and images. Different in nature songs: from guitar romance, gravitating towards classicism to space music and symphonic music, are connected by a common philosophy of cognition of the universe and being in it. In terms of its content and mood, the "Gate of the Universe" is a large-scale philosophical canvas, the colours of which embody the content of the world and show the way to harmony. The album was recorded by Aleksey Revenko in a professional recording studio.

Aleksey Revenko composer, guitarist, singer, poet and writer. He is the author of instrumental works written in the style of neo-classical and romance, rock, jazz and folk music, similar in style to the Renaissance. The style of early albums is close to academic.

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