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Arne Domnérus - Antiphone Blues


This UHQCD release of the 2022 album Antiphone Blues showcases late Swedish jazz saxophonist Arne Domnérus in duets with organist Gustav Sjökvist, recorded in Spanga Church in Sweden. Domnérus was involved in the 1977 audiophile classic Jazz at the Pawnshop and this album has earned a similar reputation over the years for its high-quality audio.

The Best Solo Saxophone With Organ Recording In The World! Mastered From Original Master Tapes From Proprius. The Ultimate High-Quality CD greatly surpasses all previous CDs before it and is on the audiophile quality sound list of must-hear audiophile recordings. One of the top-ten audiophile recordings of all time! Recorded by the Swedish audiophile label Proprius, this unlikely pairing of saxophones and organs will give you goosebumps.

Plus AudioNautes Recordings published many famous artists and cool the music inside on UHQCD, filled with superb musicianship and great songs.

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