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Audiophile Analog Collection Vol. 1


From the worlds of movies, blues, percussion ensembles, world music & jazz, this is a special two volume compilation of analog audiophile recordings at their best, with emphasis on execution and great sound. The tracks on the album feature a variety of musical genres including Jazz, Blues, Movies, Percussion Ensemble, Vocals, Soloists, World Music, and Classical Music.

Featured artists on the album include The Frederic Alaire Trio, Art Johnson & Frederic Alaire, Jongieur de la Mandragore, Katjar Percussion Ensemble, The L.A. Network, Muscicus Percussion Ensemble, Marie Saint Onge, and Sonny Boy Williamson.

Package: 2xVinyl, 45RPM, 200gram, Limited, Stereo, Deluxe

All Our LP Records Are Original Record Label Releases, No Bootlegs, No Fakes or Copies. Phonographic manufacturer and registered owner of the work. Unless specific permits are prohibited duplication, hire-lease, loan and use of the phonographic support for public performance and broadcasting.

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