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Audiophile Analog Collection Vol. 2


The Best Selling Reel To Reel Tape Album: From the worlds of jazz, blues, percussion ensembles, world music and classical music, this is a special compilation of analog audiophile recordings at their best, with emphasis on great sound. "This album is stunning, to say the least. A reference level stuff! Do not miss this release when it's up for grabs. It really shows what a high-end system is capable or lacks of! For the recording on this tape, the original 1/4" 15ips CCIR master tapes were played on a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, and wired with OCC silver cables from the playback head direct to a Nick Doshi tube head preamplifier. The Nagra T, with its four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head, is one of the best transports ever made. A custom-built carbon fibre head block and a head damping electronic system permit 2xHD Fusion to obtain more transparency and better 3D imaging.

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