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Bengt Berg - Now The Green Blade Riseth Vol. 1

£1,299.95 £1,499.95

Bengt Berg - Now The Green Blade Riseth [2xReel Tape, Limited, Numbered] - The Stockholm Cathedral Choir - Now The Green Blade Riseth (Kornet Har Sin Vila).

A new approach to singing hymns and religious songs: simple, straightforward settings with organ and guitar bring clarity to the melodies while flutes resound above them in the vaults of the church. The Stockholm Cathedral Choir and a children's choir sing hymns - old and modern - in a new way, arranged by Bengt Berg for organ, guitar, flute and bass. Simple, straightforward organ and guitar accompaniments carry the melody with clarity, while flutes sound playful under the church's vaulted ceiling. This album was recorded in 1981 and is popular among audiophiles for its sheer sound quality. Exquisite recording.

Be ready to be blown away when you experience playback of true high fidelity recording on audiotape, list of Must-Hear Audiophile Recordings – new album on reel to reel audiotape.

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