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Carolin No - November Songs


Gorgeous Vocals On 180g Vinyl LP! Behind the name Carolin No are two singer-songwriters: Carolin and Andreas Obieglo. The two named themselves after the song "Caroline, No" by Brian Wilson, found on the Beach Boys masterpiece "Pet Sounds". When not on tour, the two married artists live - after stops in Berlin and the US - near Würzburg, Germany, where they write and produce their songs. The duo, which was praised by the trade press and awarded several prizes, has so far released eleven albums with primarily English and German-language songs and celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2018. Carolin No has performed with artists such as Konstantin Wecker, Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader, Joan Armatrading and Suzanne Vega.

Stylistically, they draw from the singer/songwriter tradition and show influences from Electro, Jazz, Blues and Country. The couple plays with multifaceted variety: electronic soundscapes emerge from acoustic slide guitars, and spherical textures mingle with concrete beats.

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