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Erik Satie, Branka Parlić - Initiés


The original recording was a single album. During their time in the Studio Triston Masters decided to record more Erik Satie pieces. Triston Masters also kept the original master tape recordings beside noise such as using the pedal of the piano, breathing, etc. to keep the atmosphere of the recording studio. "This Satie's discs are marvelous, indeed... musicianship is of the highest level, BUT sound wise these discs are of stellar, seldom appreciated quality: the piano left-hand notes aren't commonly heard in commercial, multi-miked productions..." You’ll enjoy this AAA tape recording for years to come.

Pure analogue recording with Telefunken M 10a with V86 and V87 tube amps, Neumann KM 256 Microphones, 2 TAB V76 Mic-Preamps, mixed with a Neve Melbourn Console, EMT 140 Plate Reverb. No digital equipment was used. This record was cut using the original master tape.

Branka Parlic is silver medal winner with LP recording at the Global Music Awards · Triston Masters · Switzerland

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