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Flamenco - HiFi Spanish Dance [Ultimate Hi-Quality LP]

£99.95 £129.95

The legendary production of JVC Records in 1978, the highest-fidelity Spanish dance music fever recording ever recorded, and the classic master tape is back in the arena!

★ Combining strong and wild style dance music, lyrical soft guitar solo!
★ An absolute fever day dish with sharp dynamics and powerful low-frequency impact!

The famous flamenco dance troupe "La Pocha Y Su Grupo de Flamenco" in Spain came to a restaurant in Ginza, Japan to perform in 1978. Japan's JVC Records seized the opportunity and recorded the dance troupe in the JVC studio in Aoyama, Tokyo. He composed eight pieces and made a limited edition of 30,000 albums, which caused quite a stir in the audiophile world at that time.

In this "HIFI Spanish Dance", the guitar tone is clear and splendid, the castanets are crisp and accurate, the stage is dynamic and dynamic, the low frequency is exciting, and the impact is super strong.

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