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Gunilla von Bahr - Solflöjt


In memory of the flautist and music director Gunilla von Bahr, who died in 2013, AudioNautes, in close cooperation with the widower Robert von Bahr, releases the first edition of the four-part "Solflöjt" series as an audiophile reissue. The Swede interprets works by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Nielsen, Debussy, Gluck and other composers in a deeply moving way. She is accompanied by the Stockholm Chamber Ensemble, with Hans Fagius (organ), Karin Langebo (harp) and Eva Nordenfelt (harpsichord) as soloists.

The recordings of "Sun Flute" are a delight with a crystal-clear rendition of the emotional playing of the artist, who has made a name for herself in the classical world through her style and social commitment. A clear invitation to relax and enjoy. This album was recorded in 1977 at the Täby church in Sweden with a Revox A-77 tape recorder and 2 Sennheiser MKS 105 microphones, remastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Studios.

Distributed By OpenReelToReel Hub For AudioNautes Recordings.

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