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Nagra 70th Anniversary Collection Tape

£795.95 £1,195.00

The Swiss company is celebrating its 70th anniversary in style with a limited edition product. It features tracks from Bill Evans, Louis Armstrong, Monty Alexander and Buddy Tate along with some amazing audiophile tracks recorded on the legendary Nagra IV-S tape machine. On Two SM468 RTM analog tape.

Deluxe Two Tapes Edition: One of the world’s Audiophile innovators collaborated with 2xHD for this musical selection to celebrate this important milestone. The package includes two audiophile SM900 tapes recorded at 15 ips in CCIR (also available in NAB), on two balanced metal reels.

Label: 2xHD - 2XHDFT-TB1223
Package: 2xReels, 15ips, ¼", 2-Track, 10.5" NAB Reel, SM900, CCIR Or NAB Eq.

The 2xHD Fusion proprietary mastering provides a unique listening experience as the process digs deep into original recordings to bring out all hidden information, without altering the music in any way, uncovering and bringing out nuances, warmth, depth of field and even the air around the musicians.

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