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Oscars Motet Choir - Cantate Domino


Oscars Motettkör, Torsten Nilsson, Alf Linder, Marianne Mellnäs - Cantate Domino

Cantate Domino, recorded by Bertil Alving in 1976, is famous for its incredible sound quality. The album begins with Enrico Bossi's "Cantate Domino" for choir, organ, trumpets and trombones. A wonderful piece with a stunning organ introduction. Included are also works by Handel, Otto Olsson, Adam and some Swedish folk songs. A famous reference record.

UHQCD Features:
• Numbered, Limited Edition
• Superior Crystal Sound
• UHQCD Premium Quality Sound
• Mastered Direct From Original Master Tapes From Proprius
• Japanese Import, Made In Japan
• Playable on conventional CD players
• Packaged in luxury digipak complete with full-colour booklet

UHQ-CD, Limited, Numbered, Paper Hardcover Pack, Direct From The Original Analog Master Source. AudioNautes Recordings - Ultimate High-Quality CD (UHQCD) From The Original Master Tape. UHQCD carry a two-year warranty if treated properly.
UHQ-CD is Made in Japan

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