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Philippe Chrétien and Dani Solimine

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Philippe Chrétien and Dani Solimine - YES, MUST HAVE in your CD collection!

Sample here https://soundcloud.com/jeannot-steck/philippe-chretien-dani-solimine-easy-livin

Philippe Chrétien: In 1979 Philippe found his preferred means of expression in the tenor saxophone. He gained international concert experience with well-known musicians and DJs of all kinds. Typical of Philippe Chrétien is his unmistakable tone and his musical empathy. Jack Kreisberg (Blue Note, New York) summed it up: "He's got a killer sound!".

Dani Solimine: In the 90s, Dani worked as a youth worker in the Zurich regional church and has been a professional musician for 10 years. He is best known as a virtuoso accompanying jazz guitarist. He is also seen and heard as a guest of the international blues band The Blue Flagships. Because: like many guitarists of his generation, everything started with the blues ...

Philippe Chrétien plays with Tommy Schneider And Friends on other albums available on CDs.

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