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Philippe Chrétien - Brushed

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Markus Fritzsche, Philippe Chrétien, Reto Bischofberger - Brushed

In the words of Jack Kreisberg (Blue Note, New York): "He's got a killer sound!" What started out as a practice project, with the aim of avoiding the isolation of solo rehearsal, quickly developed an astounding momentum of its own. Early recordings were received with such enthusiasm that it was decided to launch markusphilippe officially and record the duo's first album, Sax Bass. A very extraordinary project indeed. markusphilippe presents their third 2022 album "Brushed" (also available on vinyl) as a trio, joined by drummer Reto "Bischi" Bischofberger, who perfectly fits into their musical world.

Format: CD, Stereo, Album
Country: Switzerland
Released: 2022
Genre: Jazz Sax
Style: Smooth Jazz Sax

Philippe Chrétien plays with Tommy Schneider And Friends on other albums available on CDs.
2022 Brushed - Made In Switzerland.

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