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Philippe Chrétien - Champagne

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Philippe Chrétien - Champagne On CD - In the words of Jack Kreisberg (Blue Note, New York): "He's got a killer sound!"

Philippe Chretien is a Swiss native Jazz/lounge saxophonist and pianist. He released few records since his debut on the Swiss Helvetic Productions label ( Le Chat Noir) in 2006. This record released on the same label in the same year, follows similar soulful and jazzy down tempo with lounge style music of his debut release. Chretien’s smooth interpretations of six classic tracks and hit melodies such as the theme from Love Story, Summertime, This Masquerade, Ain't No Sunshine and the bossa nova classic Besame Mucho. The virtuoso saxophone interpretations of these tunes are best described as downtempo soulful smooth jazz production. If you like relaxing late-night smooth saxophone jazz music, this is the album you need to listen.

Package: CD, Stereo, Digipak
Philippe Chrétien - Basel, Switzerland.

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