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Piltch & Davis - Take One


Aaron Davis, David Piltch, Kevin Breit, Mark Kelso, Robert Piltch: This truly personal acoustic Jazz Album was recorded off the floor on analogue 1/2" tape at 30IPS, non-Dolby, with no overdubs - a wonderful spontaneous fusion of spirit. The David Piltch and Aaron Davis duo has been appreciated by audiophiles since their early 90s performance as part of the Holly Cole Trio in the classic albums; Don't Smoke in Bed and Girl Talk. Whether playing simply as a duo, with Davis on piano and Piltch on acoustic bass, or with the occasional guest on some tracks, their dedication to the ‘spirit of ensemble music’ is palpably recorded in analogue and the most musical high fidelity analogue sound. Piltch and Davis composed most of these tunes, either individually or together; the album is rounded out with a Steve Earle cover, Kirsty MacColl’s Last Day of Summer and the traditional folk song Black Is the Color (Of My True Love’s Hair).

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