Pioneer RT-909


Pioneer RT-909 Black Stone Edition - Restored and fully serviced to each screw and all details. Exclusive Bespoke Rebuild Like No Others With Condition:
Exclusive Bespoke Rebuild Like No Others With Condition:

- Brand NEW (Vintage Rebuilt)
- Colour: BLACK (Black Stone Edition)
- Material aviation grade 7075-T6 aluminium
- New Spectrum analyzer which bins with peaks with 7 different delays, chosen by the user
- Automatic counter with 1/100 sec precision and remaining tape calculator
- C++ Programming
- Custom LCD VU Meter with SEVEN different VU meter modes, four combination colours for each mode
- Custom-built, brand-new front and back panels
- Brand new metal lettering, jewellery quality silver
- New tape heads for playback and recording
- The deck calibrated for 10,5 in reels
- Exclusive (Only One Made)

The Pioneer RT-909 probably is one of the very few units that properly embodies the fair balance between efficient modernism and great work

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