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Robert Len - Hope [Audiophile Quality CD]


In ‘Hope’ Robert Len and producer André Perry’s musical approach provides an admirable example of Count Basie’s motto “Less is more”. Composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Robert Len continues to explore the universe of sound. The album was recorded and mixed at Apollonia Studio using the Merging Technologies Horus Analog. With exceptional talent and artistic finesse, he delivers an album in which each musical element selected is essential. In ‘Hope’ everything has its place. The intelligence of producer Perry’s production style is palpable. Len and Perry succeeded in creating an extraordinary acoustic balance in which the exclusion of one small component could compromise an arrangement’s effectiveness. Just as the addition of one ingredient could weigh it down.

Label: 2xHD - 2XHDRL-C1064
Format: CD, Stereo
Country: Canada

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