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Siltech High End Test Demo CD Vol. 4 [Audiophile CD]

£20.34 £23.94

Demo CD with MW Coding Process Sound - A good selection of beautifully re-engineered tracks, bringing out the natural musicality and dynamics, as only STS Digital seem to know how. The Unique Pre-mastering MW Coding Process. Using STS Digital's MW coding process for superb sound quality from analogue re-mastered tapes, this is another fine audiophile-quality recording session in the Test Demo series.
STS Digital once again demonstrates just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve sound, something not often encountered on most CDs.

1 Van Orly - Somebody Hold Me
2 Eline - I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
3 Gabriela Anders - I’ll Be Loving You
4 Peggy Lee - Touch The Earth
5 Jeanette Lindström Quintet - Speak Low
6 Ntjam Rosie - Serre Sa Main
7 Merel de Jong - You’ve Got A Friend
8 Joanna Coco - Ritual
9 Cristina Branco - Omen
10 Melanie de Biasio - No Deal
11 Janis Siegel - Small Day Tomorrow
12 Lizz Wright - Hey Mann

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