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The Audiophile Speaker Set Up [Audiophile Quality CD]


Do you need help setting up speakers to achieve the best tonal balance and much much more? 2xCD, Stereo, Compilation, Limited Edition, Audiophile Quality

"A reference audio system speakers level stuff! Do not miss this CD release when it's up for grabs. This top quality album helps you to see what your speakers' audio system is capable of and help increase the quality of audiophile speaker set-up" - Oleg Netchaev

This Double CD album is designed to provide the perfect guide to help audiophiles and casual listeners find the best placement for their speakers. This will bring you the optimum performance in your audio system – as well as the neophyte – find the best placement for installation of their speakers to obtain optimum performance within their parameters. With over 115 minutes of music, sonic examples and instructions, this companion to the best-selling CD for Audiophile System Test will help to set up speakers for an ultimate listening experience.

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