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Tommy Schneider & Friends - The Best Of


The music includes the genres swing, acid jazz, blues, funk, soul, and Latin, peppered with rock elements. In addition to contemplative moments, there are also times when things really get going. Mostly even within the pieces, which are thus arranged very entertaining. Six of the eight selected songs for "The Best of" were composed by Tommy Schneider himself. In the selection of songs, he can also be heard on the flute. His colleagues in the band are all brilliant as well, and the interplay is wonderful to listen to. This tape is for me a highlight of the magnetic medium, which shows the limits of what is possible. A must for every tape fan. From a lover for lovers.

Tommy expressed the idea to remaster selected recordings from the three albums "Move", "Plan B3" and "Hidden Port", which were made with his friends, in order to get the last bit of sound out of the recordings.

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