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Various - On The Wings Of Song


Analog Audio Tape‎: These recordings were mostly made live, and almost all of them were in the Ruhr area. The original dynamic and sound will be maintained.


1. There's A Little Black Train Acoming - The Rand's University Choir ( Traditional)
2. O You My Lovely Evening Star - James Tolkdorf (from "Tannhauser" by R. Wagner)
3. Mut - The University Choir Essen (from "Winterreise" by F. Schubert)
4. Andante Grozioso - Quintetto Sereno (Divertimento N9 by W.A. Mozart)
5. Toccata For Organ - Robert Prizeman
6. Always Go For the Wind - The Marina Shanty Choir Oberhausen (George Kowalik)
7. Nimbus - Jazz Orchestra of the University of Duisburg- Essen - Big Bandits ( Russel Ferrante)
8. In the Wee Small Hours - Stephan Aschenbrenner ans Rolf von Ameln ( by D. Mann/B.Hilliard)
9. Overture from Mozart's - The Marriage of Figaro - Bottrop Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ludger Koller

The Tape Album Recorder By TAPEMUSIC

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