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Zonal 675 1″ Inch Reel Audio Tape


NOS: Zonal 675 1″ X 762m x 10.5″ Analogue Audio High output professional studio tape

• Width: 1″
• Length: 762m (10,5” / 26,5cm diameter)
• Reel type: Precision reel
• Hub type: NAB
• Packaging: White Cardboard box
• Multitrack formats
• Mastering-grade quality
• Low print-through
• Excellent high-speed winding properties
• Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Analogue audio tapes have been used to record famous albums, as this type of technology introduces artifacts and distortions that are pleasant and musically enhancing; widely regarded as “analogue warmth”. This way of producing music adds the right amount of punch, warmth, fuzziness and rounding off. Analogue tape offers the optimal opportunity to produce great-sounding high-definition masters for digital and vinyl music listening.

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