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Arne Domnerus - Jazz At The Pawnshop Vol. 2

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Another selection of the world-famous 1976 analogue recordings at the Pawnshop Jazz Club in Stockholm, Sweden, with the outstanding Domnerus Group (still going strong). And a token of sound engineer Gert Palmcrantz's mastership!

When recording engineer Gert Palmcrantz was loading his car with equipment outside Europa Film Studios on December 6th, 1976, it was only to make one of many recordings. No one knew then that it was to become a cult recording among audiophiles and one of the most appreciated jazz recordings ever made. Palmcrantz put the equipment in the car and drove off to Stampen, the jazz club in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. It was far from the first time for him to record jazz at Stampen. The club, named after a pawnbrokers’ shop which used to be in that block, opened in 1968.

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