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FunCOOLio - Jurmala Sunset

£695.00 £795.00

FunCOOLio is a funk and soul band from Riga, Latvia that performs original compositions in the style of Baltic Fusion. The band includes guitarist George Panfilov, drummer Jurij Osipovich, bassist Denis Gradalev and organist Vladimir Tuzov. With this line-up, FunCOOLio has been successfully performing on stage for more than a decade.

The authors of the ten instrumental compositions on the album Vol. 2 are George Panfilov and Denis Gradalev. The material for the album has been taken during the band’s live performances and has been supplemented with new ideas as the studio records matured. Jazz musicians and friends of the band from Latvia, Germany, Estonia, France and Great Britain participated in the creation of the album. Every musician has managed to add something to the original idea to fill it with personal experience. No equalizers, limiters, compressors or software filters were used. For analog sound fans - Limited Edition.

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