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Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue

Sold out

For the first time, Premonition Records releases Patricia Barber's audiophile classic, Café Blue, on open reel analogue tape: two 1/4" reels (10.5 inches) at 15 ips IEC (CCIR). This version of Café Blue was remixed by the original recording engineer, Jim Anderson, at Capitol Studios in Hollywood in 2011.

THIS TAPE ALBUM IS SOLD - The tape is sold out, and available for order on demand - A Special Order item is an item that we do not stock but can order at any time. Tape Duplication direct copy 1:1 from the original master tape and assembled by hand. The tape is available in NAB or CCIR Equalization and takes 7 business days to prepare for delivery and is posted within 3 weeks.

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