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Tommy Schneider & Friends - Plan B3

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RARE AUDIOPHILE LIMITED EDITION: Plan B3 By Tommy Schneider & Friends

The Best Seller CD by Kolibri Records, Tommy Schneider produces absolutely high-quality music, which makes fun with a lively and powerful sound. Analogue-Recorded (Live) on November 24th - 27th, 2007 and mixed on December 2007 / January 2008.

Release date: May 2008
Genres: Blues, Funk, Swing, Groovy Jazz
Style: Rhythm & Blues
Made in Switzerland

Tommy Schneider (Hammond Organ, Flute, Percussion)
Adrian Stern (Guitars, Percussion)
Hans Peter Bartsch (Drums, Percussion)
Philippe Chrétien (Saxophone)

© 2008 Tommy Schneider & Friends - Plan B3.

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